Socks For Bands has been on hiatus because Christmas, then work, then other shit that I had to deal with. I did make a pair of socks in the interim, and I’ve got a new set, so I’ll post about those shortly.

But first I need to talk about something.

Brendon Urie (@brendonboydurie) retweeted this from Twitter:

A skinny guy with a six-pack is like a fat girl with big tits.. It doesn’t count.


Thanks, Brendon.

If you look at my pictures below– I’m a fat girl. I’m not going to go into “oh, but I’m not THAT fat” or “I used to be fatter,” because I don’t believe in trying to qualify for “good” fat. I’ve been fat a good share of my life. And according to @wheelingprobs, and Brendon who agrees with him, I am the standard of someone who doesn’t count.ย Whether or not I have big tits, because if you DON’T have big tits AND you’re fat, what’s the point of you?

The tweet can be read to be denigrating skinny guys, not fat girls. But by holding up fat girls as the standard of things that don’t count, it’s worse. It’s not intended denigration, it’s thoughtless. Because fat girls are obviously the standard by which things that don’t count are measured. It’s a fact. It is known.

Brendon, let me tell you something. I like Panic! at the Disco. I like you guys a lot. I like your music,ย I buy your albums, I memorize the songs, I evangelize the band to fucking everybody I know, I made each of you a pair of socks. I’ve always thought that it would be great to be your friend. I thought you would like me if there was ever any opportunity to get to know each other.

You wouldn’t. I don’t count.

I should know better than to expect kindness or thoughtfulness from people I like from afar. I will always be disappointed. Although if anyone in MCR said something like that, I’d have to give up on bands altogether. I’d have to keep all these socks myself… or give them to people who actually do think I count.

Yes, it’s a month and a half after the concert, and I’m only now getting around to updating. There are good reasons for this, which I’ll get to.

First off, there were concerts for two days in a row.๐Ÿ™‚ First concert, I was smack bang front and center, which I expected after being third in line. Hah. The best part about the show was at the very beginning. Ian and Dallon counted down from ten, we all joined in, and when it hit ONE, Brendon came running out and did a roundoff-backflip. It was nearly a full layout! Super, super impressive. I knew he could do a backflip after seeing it in the Ready to Go video, but I did not expect to see that in person.๐Ÿ˜€

The concert itself was fantastic all the way through. I had THE best time, and it was made even better by knowing I got to do it all again the next night.

So, the next day, I didn’t have to get up early, because I got the meet&greet, and I’d get to get in early after that. I was last in line for the m&g, but didn’t care, because I got to sleep in after being up all night finishing Ian’s sock.

I saw Panic! I met Panic! It was great! I GAVE THEM SOCKS!

Sadly, I could not get pictures with them and their socks. But here is what I said:

“Hi! I wanted to give you something useful, so I made you socks.”

Spencer’s response: “Socks, thanks. Wait– you made these? Wow! Thank you!”

Dallon’s response: “This is awesome! You know how when you were a kid, socks were one of the worst presents? But when you grow up, you realize socks are an awesome present!”

Ian’s response: “That is so cool!”

Brendon’s response: “Oh wow, I am falling asleep in these bad boys tonight. I have to shake your hand! Thank you so much!” *shakes hand*

Zack’s response: “Oh, YOU’RE the one!”

Me: “You read my tweets!”

Zack: “I always read the tweets!”

Although I could not take pictures of them with their socks, I did get a picture of all of us.๐Ÿ™‚

From left to right,

Hi, I’m Dallon. I feel kind of weird about this whole thing. Who are all these people? I just want to go onstage and play, then go back to the bus and Skype with my wife.

I’m Brendon. I am a cool person. That’s why I have my head tipped back, because I’m cool. And tough. Rar. Don’t mess with me.

Hum de hum. I’m Ian. I’m the only one who looks happy to be here. I don’t even mind that this girl is touching me. I’m taller than her, so I’ve got that going for me. I like pie.*

I’m Ceres. I’m. Uh. Smiling. Meeting people who normally just play out of my speakers is kind of a freaky thing. I’m a little freaked. Hopefully no one can tell. I’ll just smile and act like things are normal, because I am not a shrieking twelve-year-old. I made socks.

I’m Spencer. I would like not to be here. I certainly would rather this girl wasn’t touching me. Is this the girl who made me socks? I have no idea. I want to go backstage and have a beer.

Zack prefers not to have his picture taken, and does not take pictures with fans. I respect his decision, so there is no picture of Zack. But he was pleased not to be forgotten, I think.

Foxy Shazam was the first opener. I’d hoped for a longer set (because I so like their music), and I was a little outraged that they left so soon. They really are fantastic live. Sky, the keyboard player, grabbed his keyboard, jumped into the crowd, and played. WTF, seriously. I loved it. The people around me didn’t get it, and were vocal about their dislike. They were Philistines.

Me: Why didn’t you like it?
Girl: They’re weird.
Me: Well, we’re all a little weird, right?
Girl: *staring* No.
Me: I feel sorry for you.

Patrick Stump was the second opener, with a longer set. I was disappointed that my favorite song of his, “Spotlight,” was part of a medley. I mean, “Spotlight” is a fantastic, inspiring song. I wanted to hear the whole thing! He made me happy, just being onstage and having such a great time.

Panic! Oh man. The third time was just as good as the first and second. And they sang “That Green Gentleman,” which they hadn’t the first two times, and which is off Pretty. Odd. Which you’ll remember is one of my favorite albums ever. Secret hippie girl is secretly hippie. I bounced up and down and sang and almost lost my voice. Such a good time.

Post-show, Patrick stood outside and took pictures and talked to EVERYONE who wanted to. Seriously, wow. He impressed the fuck out of me with that. That takes so much energy– he was out there for hours– and he was nothing but nice and personable the entire time. Patrick, you are a good person. I am very happy I got to see you and give you socks.

Me: Socks all distributed! I have finished my first project! Patrick likes his! YAY!

Patrick: I am tired and hungry, but I am an incredibly nice person and I am so thankful for these socks. See my socks? Well, you don’t see them, but see the bag with my socks in them? She made me socks.

I hung around the parking lot and venue, because why the hell not? I didn’t have to go to work, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. I’m really glad I stayed, because several things happened.

Thing the First- Let me start out by saying here is the tag I included on each one (although each one had its own title):

Inside the tag cards were care instructions for both on and off tour. I also included my blog url and Twitter info, and asked them to let me know if the socks fit. It didn’t hit me till after I gave them all out that asking for them to contact me was probably not a good thing to do. Luckily, I saw Zack hanging out by the bus, and had this conversation.

Me: Hey, can you tell them something for me?
Zack: Sure.
Me: I said on the cards that they should let me know if the socks fit. They don’t have to get in touch. I don’t want to seem all entitled.
Zack: Hey, come here. *holds out fist for bumping* You’re really cool. Thank you.

So that happened.๐Ÿ™‚

Next, I was hanging around to see what else might happened, and I saw this guy hanging around too.

This is Daisy, the bassist for Foxy Shazam. We talked for about half an hour. Daisy is just fucking cool. I’m used to being treated like a fan and kind of brushed off. Which I get; no one can spend a ton of time chatting with every fan. Daisy talked to me like I was a person. I can’t emphasize enough how that made my night.

We found out we used to live one town over from each other, and talked about living in Florida for a while. I told him I was learning the drums, and he was very enthusiastic and supportive. I said I wanted to see them again, and he said they’d be playing DC in a week. I shrugged and said I’d already spent so much money traveling that fall…

Just before I left, I ran into Eric, Foxy’s lead singer. His offstage manner is very very very different from his onstage persona. The picture is of the onstage person, but offstage, he’s quiet and soft. I told him how glad I was that they played my favorite song, “Killin It,” and he said it was his favorite too.

I had a two-hour drive home. I so did not care.

What a night.

BONUS: Videos for “Spotlight” and “That Green Gentleman”

*Note: I have no evidence that Ian does or does not like pie.

Zack’s socks do not fit. I suspected they wouldn’t. Too big in the ankle, too short in the foot.

More to come.

Trying to blog from my phone… Let’s see how this works.

So I finished Ian’s socks at 5:45 this morning. I didn’t expect to pull an all-nighter, but oh well. They are done. Hah! Done! Finished!


I dont think I can load all the pictures into this post, so there’s the full one.

The title comes from a song off their first album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. The song is called The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage. They liked long-ass titles back then. I’d include a video, but, y’know, phone. I’ll add it later.

I am waiting for the show to start. I’ll post on yesterday’s and today’s when I have computer access again. I have so many things to say! I gave them their socks literally an hour ago, and I want to post ALL THE THINGS, but I’ll wait till I can show pictures.

I didn’t finish the final sock today. I got distracted.

See, there was this concert with this band I like. Panic! at the Disco, maybe you’ve heard of them? I got in line early (I was the third person there, go me!) and sat around for a little while, intending to knit. Then my friends went to go put stuff in their car, and I went with them, and oh look. There was Panic, skateboarding. Well, Brendon and Spencer were. Ian was watching. Zack was there, and he was nice, but then more people started watching, and he was like >:o where the hell did all you people come from?

I can see why, actually. If one girl starts being all screamy, others will follow, and it gets messy fast, so he has to be hyperalert to get the guys out of there if there’s an attack. So he’s all “dammit, now I have to be a guard and I can’t hang out and relax,” and that makes him cross. Sorry, Zack. We didn’t mean to make your job harder. But we were polite, right? We did not get screamy and grabby.

And because we didn’t, and we asked nicely, we got a picture.

That is me on the left. That is Brendon in the middle. And my two friends on the end.๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you, Brendon, for not being mad that we interrupted your skateboarding time, and for letting us get a picture with you. We were very happy. Sadly, Ian and Spencer had disappeared by then, so no pictures.

So yeah, after that happened, it was hard to come back down and focus on knitting. I had four hours, and I got a lot less done than I would normally do in four hours. So after the concert (SALDFHSD;ALLF; CONCERT) I came home to knit. God, I sound boring. I am not entirely boring!

I’m halfway through the final repeat, and after that, there’s just the toe. And then sewing up the end. I suspect these socks may be too long in the foot. Argh. It is really hard to knit for someone when you have no idea what size they need. I hope they fit, Ian. I’m doing my best.

Here’s where I am as of now:

I haven’t even turned the heel yet. Still have to knit the gusset and the foot, all in the next 24 hours. Guess who’s staying up late tonight?

I still have to wash all the socks and make the care instruction cards, and and and… *stresses*

Ian’s first sock is done. I have one sock left to knit. Five days to knit it.

It’s going to happen.